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Love, Loss, and Laughter

  • Len and Bette - USA
    • Len and Bette USA

      Len and Bette have been married for 63 years. He cared for her at home in the first years of her cognitive difficulties, until wandering and other problems led both the doctor and their children to urge an institutional placement. Len is consumed by her losses and his losses.

      He told me: “I’ve left everything in the house the way it used to be as if she might come home. But in the long run I know it’s not true. I’ve lost her. She’s here, but I’ve lost her. I’d give you my bronze star if you could bring her back.”

  • Ashwani and Didi - India
    • Ashwani and Didi India

      When Didi first came to the Bangalore Nightingales day care centre she was extremely depressed, lonely, wheelchair bound and using a catheter. Now she is free of the catheter, walks with minimal assistance and is one of the most cheerful and sociable participants. Ashwani, a caregiver at the centre, had been looking at a travel magazine with Didi and enjoying some playful moments when they both burst into laughter.



Alzheimer’s Australia is bringing an international art exhibition Love, Loss and Laughter to Australia. This engaging exhibition, which will tour between May and November 2013, seeks to broaden understanding of dementia.

By illustrating the stories of those who are living with dementia, photographer and sociologist, Cathy Greenblat offers a new vision of dementia and care. The exhibition conveys that life goes on after a diagnosis of dementia and that people with dementia continue to have needs for social interaction and engagement in much the same way as any other members of the community.

People with dementia remain first and foremost human beings, and should not be defined by their dementia. The exhibition is an opportunity for interaction with the community and will benefit people living with dementia, their carers, family, friends and the broader community.

All Australians are encouraged to come along to witness one of the largest collections of photographs of people living with dementia from around the world. The photos are taken in eight countries including Australia and has had an extremely positive reception in the USA, England, Scotland, Canada and Spain. This is the biggest national tour of the exhibition to date.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Have you or a loved one been affected by dementia? Do you have photos that capture the experience of living with the condition? If the answer is “yes” and you’d like to see them displayed at the Love, Loss and Laughter exhibition when it visits your local area, you can. Simply click on the link below, complete the form and upload an image that helps tell your story.

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The Love, Loss and Laughter exhibition is proudly supported by LillySouvenaid and Alzheimer's Australia.

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Here are some samples of Cathy Greenblat’s photos. Click an image to enlarge.

  • Laughter from the heart, Japan
  • Former math teacher at the blackboard, India
  • Kerry dancing with Bridget at the Passover party, USA
  • At Lakeview Ranch animals are important, USA
  • Sygne and Denise, France
  • A music therapy session with drumming, Japan
  • Quiet end of her journey, USA
  • Pat and Beth, USA
  • Art therapist with paintings by dementia patients, Japan
  • Srushti chanting with Mandakini, her grandmother, India
  • Makeup session before an excursion, Japan
  • Jimmy, Australia